Blacksea blue mussel

The blue mussels from Black sea can be well distinguished because of their delicate taste which is provided by the low saltiness levels of the sea water in comparison to the blue mussels that come from the ocean which have a distinctive and strong sea-like taste. The Black sea water is less salty (~1,73%) than the water in the Mediterranean sea and the one in the world ocean (~3,6%) due to the many rivers that pour into the Black sea. The very clam serves as a filter for the sea water, but the clam farms on the southern bulgarian Black sea seaside are located in an ecologically pure region, far away and untouched from the industrial and the everyday pollutants. The mussels are being raised according to the european standarts and make a difference because of their excellent taste. The black sea blue mussels can be small to medium size – 3-7 cm, and the muscle can differ between 1,5-4,5 cm. They may be consumed raw or cooked – boiled or baked, or preserved in cans.